Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Got another roll of film developed yesterday. This is my cousin Daria and taking pictures of her was a really nice experience, but... The more I look at these the more I realize how mediocre they are, and I,m saying this not because I want someone to tell me they are not: it,s just the truth. One might have an ambition but no talent.
My photos never get close enough to what I consider beautiful, never. My models rarely like the result*. Nobody ever askes me to photograph them. Well, all this makes me really frustrated, to be honest. I can solve the problem partially by asking certain girls to model for me and ignoring the lack of feedback but when it comes to talent... I don,t know.

Sorry for talking about all this here instead of being super optimistic and inspiring, but that,s life. You wake up telling yourself it is going to be a good day only to understand you are cheating yourself. Ok, maybe I should stop here and wait till I get better thoughts to share.

Wishing you a wonderful day despite all the negativity in this post. Love you guys!
* It is believed that Leos love praise and flattery, haha :) 


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Vera. I know what it is like to get stuck in a creative rut, but please don't give up. It is obvious you are talented photographer; you have an eye for beauty. I know you feel like you aren't good enough, but please do not stop taking photos. Perhaps it is difficult for you to see what a wonderful artist you are, but trust me, every time I see your photos I always feel inspired. And I am not just saying that because I want you to feel better, i am saying it because it is true!!

    Good luck, best wishes to you dear :)


  2. Everyone goes through these moments of insecurity. When I was studying music education in University, I had moments of depression and thoughts of "What am I doing here, everyone is better than me, I'm never going to make it!" just about once per semester. You need to just keep going and not give up! I love this video about the creative process and art and taste. You should have a look:

  3. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
    I have never really understood what that phrase means completely....but I do understand when you say that what you envision for beauty and what you actually never lines up....I know that for me, I will have a goal, a look, a 'vision' when i pull out my camera....and so far, even though I have taken numerous shots....I think only once or twice I actually captured what i had seen in my heart, my soul.....That is such a frustrating problem sometimes....but the challenge of finally capturing 'it' keeps me motivated i think......please keep taking will only get closer to what you envision if you keep at it....


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