Thursday, July 9, 2015


So... Here I am, trying to come up with a proper beginning for this post but obviously in vain. No wonder: I haven,t posted anything in months and it totally feels as if I,ve lost all my blogging skills. I think I,ll just skip the "sorry-for-my-long-absence" part for now because it would take too much time anyway. Oh well, it turns out that I can,t skip it completely. The thing is that I had to take quite a long break from film photography. It just happened. I didn,t feel ready to create anything and my whole life was kind of a mess. As soon as things started getting better, I bought a roll of film.

I met this girl at an Instameet this spring and snapped a couple of portraits with a phone camera. And as I was looking at her I realized that an Instagram photo was definitely not enough. So, a little photoshoot happened. I used both Rolleiflex and Zenit to keep it more fun.

Have a nice day everyone! And I hope it won,t take me too long to come up with a new post :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hi everyone! Remember me? So, I,m alive and I feel really sorry about neglecting my blog. There is not much to tell actually... Life is now all about surviving long days at uni and procrastinating on weekends although there,s homework to do.

Well, at least I,ve got some photos to share. These had been taken a couple of days before all the leaves were blown away. I,m so happy I got the chance to use those yellow tones as a background! Ah, totally feel like doing a new photo shoot, it,s been quite a long while since the last one.

Have a nice week!


Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great.
As for me, life has been keeping me busy lately but I enjoy it. One of the secrets of staying optimistic is appreciating the small things in life. It always helps although it might take some time to learn the science of gratitude.

Now that this hectic week is over I finally have the time to share some photos from a recent photo shoot. Vera contacted me for the first time back in May but I was busy and stressed with exams and felt completely uninspired, so we had to postpone everything. Only a couple of weeks ago I realized I had gained enough inspiration for a new photo shoot and it finally happened.
I,m so happy I got the chance to meet this wonderful girl! She has a rare kind of beauty: when you look at her you can see her wonderful personality. It,s not everyday that you see such kind eyes in front of your lens.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Step Into Autumn

Well, these photographs are very special to me. For several reasons. Firstly, this girl. Alyona is the only person who I feel absolutely comfortable around and I always appreciate her company. Secondly, these photos remind me of how warm that beautiful evening was. There was still a hint of summer in the air. Thirdly and most importantly, these pictures were taken with my new Rolleiflex camera. It was my first medium format experience and I,m so happy with the outcome! The camera is about 60 years old but works perfectly, I can,t wait to take more portraits with it.

Have a nice day everyone!


Saturday, September 20, 2014


So, in the end of July I traveled to Gotland with my dad. What is Gotland? It is a swedish island, and quite a fascinating one. Driving through the island makes you feel confused all the time because your mind keeps failing to understand how the elements of the south can be mixed into a northern lanscape so effortlessly.
Gotland is everything. It has a most impressive coastline: amazing sea stacks, sandy beaches, rich bird life... This island even has it,s own savannah. Yep, a northern savannah.
Being the one who explores the world through the lens of a camera I secretly hoped for a cloudy weather. Imagine it: dramatic cliffs and a gloomy sky in the background. Perfection. But this never happened. When we arrived the sun was scorching from above.

Anyway, nothing could spoil the experience. It was quite a short trip but I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great escape from reality and Gotland is the right place for an off the beaten path vacation.

Wishing everyone a nice day!